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Days of architecture

May 31, 2016

This weekend we visited Days of Architecture – one of the biggest architecture events in Bosnia and Herzegovina. What surprises the most is the fact that it started 9 years ago by initiative from group of young students, who now represent group of young architects and new students of architecture through the work of NGO LIFT - spatial initiatives, in partnership with the Association of students of architecture in Sarajevo, the Association of Architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Association for Culture and Arts - Red.

They are designed as annual, multiday festival that includes different classes of international and local architects under certain topic, exhibitions, discussions, film screenings and other similar events related to the themes of architecture, design, landscape and urban design.

Days of Architecture are held in nine consecutive years so far (2008-2016) with over 90 different lecturers from 20 countries

The opening night of Days of Architecture 2016 was held in Sarajevo City Hall on Thursday, with the speech of Mayor of Sarajevo – Mr. Ivo Komsic, following the exhibition of Young Viennese Architects, 2 music performances and video mapping inside the City Hall. Very impressive for a group of young enthusiasts with limited funds.

On Friday we had a chance to see a proposal for architectural price list, made by Association of Architects, that is still in the testing phase, but soon will be accessible to everyone on their web page http://www.aabh.ba/ - even investors will be able to go and check the pricing, based on their inputs. The presentation was followed by discussion between some reputable guests, as: Amir Vuk Zec, Hasan Ćemalović, Muhamed Serdarević, Igor Grozdanić, Zoran Doršner and price list creator - Vedad Islambegović. Conclusion was that we need to continue to work on the whole process, and every single architect needs to fight against low prices and poor projects that are affecting work of all of us. Only together we can fight this flood of low-priced projects.

Weekend days were reserved for different lectures on the theme: Architecture beyond Investment, where we had a chance to listen and see some inspiring projects and meet some new colleagues from all around Europe. Some of the lectures which particularly caught our attention are: AhaKnap (BiH), Njiric+ Architects (Croatia), Kirsch ZT gmbh (Austria), Soma architects (Austria), GregorcVrhovec (Slovenia), A69 (Czech Republic) and Kontra studio (Serbia).

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The whole event finished by Closing ceremony in construction site of Academy of Performing Arts, that presented results of this year’s workshop Numen/For Use – VHS Architecture, in collaboration with young artists: Blow-up (visuals), Alisa Čajić and Emir Fejzić (acting), and Klabika Collective (sound).

In the end, we can say that Days of Architecture are the event that is definitely worth of attention of regional architects at least, and that is evidently growing each season and should have support of different institutions, Municipalities, Faculty of architecture in Sarajevo – students, teachers, dean and much bigger sponsors, in order to attract more famous names from world of Architecture and set it’s place in this region events from this category. It sure deserves it.

Reference: Dani arhitekture