T plus house

  • Customer: BRC doo
  • Location: Breza, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Date: Jun, 2015
  • Category: Architectural and Interior Design

This type of the house is similar with T but with extra floor added. This extra floor gives more space to interior areas of the house. The main characteristic of this house are luxury private rooms on first floor.

In Tplus-house is clearly separate private and public part of the house which is an advantage in functional terms. Living room area, kitchen and dining room are one zone. Outdoor terrace is more intimate and connected with internal living room with wide sliding windows.

Architectural design is minimalistic, simply forms which are functionally matched. Simple gabled roof covering T shaped house. Materials are appropriate to architectural shape and simplicity. Gray sheet metal with a roof going down on the vertical sections of the façade.

Interior space is with a warm and natural materials. Stone and wood dominate in the interior design, especially in the living room which is connected with the outdoor space.

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